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High Quality Plant Tags Online

Need all-weather nursery tags?

We have the solution. We are a company that specializes in low cost, all weather nursery tags online.

Gone are the days where you spend hours making your own labels only to redo the work next season. Not to mention managing the countless notebooks and spreadsheets to track the botanical and common names, photos, planting notes and observations.

Whether you cultivate a private or public garden or plant collection, our plant nursery tags and Signs are made to arm avid gardeners, arboreta, botanical gardens and universities with a high-quality, attractive and affordable cataloging system and social journal.

Why Buy Online?

As an online company we have very little overhead, so we can offer nursery tags that are very cost effective. Whether you need garden tags, plant tags, pot sticks or even wholesale tag options, we can help.

Your customers will find browsing your range of plants a pleasure when they have correct, easy-to- read tags attached. Being able to identify the plant will increase the likelihood of a sale, directly influencing your bottom line.

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Buy from a Trusted Nursery Tag Business in Australia

Show off your plants and pots in a very professional and organized Buy our plant tags online and present your plants in a new and professionally organised way. Our high quality, durable, weather-proof products allow you to sell your growing plants as a beautiful finished product. Best of all, you won’t have to spend so much time replacing faded, weatherworn tags for those beautiful Australian potted plants. Buying nursery labels online from Innovative Tags gives you access to the widest variety, ensuring you’ll find the perfect plant tags to meet your needs in Australia. Regardless of what you are looking for, our online potted plant tags give your plants that professional look and they help your buyers identify plant names, identification information and plant specs. You get all of this at a price you can really afford for online nursery plant tags.

We carry a wide range of online plant tag options in Australia. Browse through the website to find the perfect solution for your home garden or commercial nursery. We offer the finest thermal labels for our customers. We know our products help sell your plants, offer you a better reputation and excellent branding options. Browse our site today for nursery tags, thermal labels, thermal printers, display holders and other materials you need for your hobby or plant business in Australia. Contact Innovative Tags today and find out how we can help your business to succeed and grow.

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Newton Farms implemented the iTags Track & Trace solution last season. Their solution was simple to use, it just workedand it allowed me for the first time to accurately and easily record yields in any area of our farms. I am now at peace if I am ever audited I can show where a batch of grapes was picked and day they were picked within seconds.




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