“FZ” Thermal Transfer Pot Tags – 25mm x 110mm = 2000 Tags/Roll

$70.00 ex GST

“FZ” Thermal Push-In Pot Tags

Colour:  WHITE

Tag Material Thickness:  0.30mm making it suitable to use on the GoDEX G500 Desktop Thermal Printer

2000 Tags/Roll


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“FZ” Thermal Transfer Push In Pot Tags – tags last about 1 year

Made from a Polypropylene; 0.30mm thick.

Being a thinner media used, the FZ range of Thermal Pot Sticks, can be printed on most Thermal Printers e.g. (GoDEX, TXPSX, SATO, Zebra, Meto, Toshiba etc).  Can be printed on using our GoDEX EZ1100+ & G500 Desktop Thermal Printers

Can be written on anything from a pencil to a fade/water resistant garden pen or most permanent markers (our recommendation is the i-Denti Pen – more information about this pen can be found in our Handwrite Products Category).

Bulk order discounts available upon request, depending on the size of the order.

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Additional information

Weight1.95 kg
Dimensions16 x 16 x 11 cm


Suitable Printers

Can be printed on most Thermal Industrial sized Printers e.g. Sato Toshiba GoDEX Zebra Intermec Datamax Meto etc

"ZX" Material Thickness

13 mils / 0.33mm thick